Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fashion Trends

Fashion trends are fun, and some can even make us look great and glamorous, but are all fashion trends worth following? Or do all trends match perfectly with all of us? How to follow fashion trends the right way? Find out here.
Everybody knows, though they might not want to accept it, that some trends are for everyone, and some for no one. We all want to be thought of as beautiful and feel alive, but to what lengths are we willing to go to achieve this?Fashion trends may come and trends may go but they can cause some long term damages too, especially if you follow fashion trends in the wrong way.Looking  at the killer fashion trends of today.

Made popular by celebs like Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie, huge sunglasses seem to be an enduring trend, but make you look increasingly like a fly than a diva. Why cover up your whole face?
The Risks
While protecting your eyes from the sun, huge sunglasses actually lower peripheral vision. Most of us opt for lenses so dark we might as well be driving in the night with no headlights.
How to Avoid It
Alternatively, you could wear lighter shades with a lower rim that covers your eyes but shows your beautiful face too.

The only killer shoes one can think of are the poisonous pair deployed by Rosa Klebb in the James Bond movie, From Russia With Love. But high heels are getting higher, and with the recent success of SATC girls and wannabes, it’s almost ever more likely that the new-age women will be sporting Carrie Bradshaw’s finest.
The Risks
In trying to make yourself taller or more elegant looking, you are also re-framing your posture. A stiletto holds your entire body at an angle and focuses your entire body weight on the toe end of your feet, risking varicose veins, a swaying back and dropped arches. Platform heels always look good with your Capri pants, but functionally they are not. You only have to take the case of former model Julie Hunter who killed a man when she lost control of her sports car. No, it wasn’t her bad driving skills but her 2 ½ inch heels that made it harder for her to maneuver around the pedals. And you’ll only end up regretting it after you get an attack of a permanent bunion. Don’t know what they are? Well, google it with your favorite celeb’s name, and there’s a good chance you’ll see one.
How to Avoid It
Forget the coolness of it all, but when traveling to and from work, why not opt to wear trainers, and then changing into the necessary business attire when you arrive. Your balance and posture are more important than your style, think twice before you slip into those six inches of high wood, or you’d just end up looking like the hunchback of Notre Dame, all for the sake of appearing cool. You can wear those tall ones though, but in moderation.


Gold medallions, large hooped earrings, strange armbands. All of these fall into the category of lovely attire when you’re attending a fancy dress party , but in trying to be as cool as Gwen Stefani or Fergie every day with big chunks of bling, realistically girls, you’d look lost.
The Risks
Big earrings run the risk of being caught in the most strangest of places and the next thing you know, your ear is half-way down your face. Gold medallions are so ’70s, but they also cause unnecessary baggage for your neck. By pulling your neck down with the weight of such excessive jewelry, you’ll find yourself with a stiff neck and constantly in a forward inclining position over time.
How to Avoid It
There is no alternative. Just keep it simple. Wearing light, simple jewelry brings out one’s real elegance and not the heavy stuff which focuses on the jewelry as opposed to your natural features. Been a culprit. lol


  1. I like wearing heals.. but I realised it was costing me so much to re-heal them over and over as I walk alot.. and I walk to work. So instead of ruining my shoes and putting a dent in my cash.. I wear flats, trainers, or chunky boots now to walk about..I leave the heals for indoors, or that special occasion

  2. Great post....I'm guilty of the statement jewelry (especially the earrings). I love my heels but I do wear them in moderation.