Thursday, September 12, 2013

Men Who Stare at Women

Chaps are naturally drawn to people they have never seen before while women prefer familiar male faces, a study reveals.Men were shown pairs of photographs of women and asked to rate their attractiveness .When photos were produced for a second time alongside previously unseen images, they were distracted by the new women and tended to lower their rating of the original ones.If that makes man sound stupid, women should not scoff too loudly because the same applied to them in reverse, with the ratings increasing the second time around.The preferences developed because early man stood a better chance of reproducing if he slept with many partners while pre-historic women were more likely to survive with a trustworthy provider, the researchers suggest.

 Staring at women is a fun hobby for most men, but seriously, what is it with men who stare at women?What’s the real reason behind why men stare at women?Each time a woman walks past, most men just can’t stop staring at her.A few men may be discreet, while a few perverts may go “strip mode”, but either ways, men who stare at women incessantly are just no good.

Understanding why men stare at women
But then, when men stare at women and the women don’t like it nor do they glance back, I really don’t think that qualifies for a flirtatious stare exchange.
But either ways, I don’t know what that stare could be called, so let’s just call it ‘the Stare’!

Men who stare at women and the way they think
So why do men stare at women really? First off, men stare because their eyes need action. Secondly, because they want to. Thirdly, because they can! However much it pisses off a woman, men stare at women and will continue to do so. Most men who have understood the fact that we live in the 21st century don’t stare hard at women, but men who haven’t yet figured that they’re way past the Stone Age still stare at women like they’re getting set for a mating ritual.
It’s those men you see, men who stare at women with such intensity that women would be confused whether the guy’s constipating or just trying to fart real bad. Now that’s the guy who has ‘the stare’ in his eyes. And that’s the guy you’ve got to have in your blind spot.

 Why do men stare at women instead of talking?
It’s all in the head, you see. When the man was still a boy, most other bigger boys and men told him that it’s not easy to talk with woman. The big men say this to cover up their own shortcomings with women. The smaller boys use this as an excuse to squirm out of making a move on a girl.
The point here is, the first thing that pops into a man’s mind when he wants to approach a woman is, “Will she insult me?” And with that one thought, a drum beat starts drumming away inside his head. And it just gets worse, as he gets closer to starting a conversation with a woman.
Most men hate that feeling of getting spurned by a woman, and they definitely hate that drumbeat that’s their heart as they approach women. So they just sit back and stare at women. It’s the next best alternative for a loser of a guy who’s so sure he’d be spurned if he’d ever make a move. So he just sits back, and devours as much of you as he possibly can without making himself feel uncomfortable. These guys are just losers anyways, and they’re the ones who end up with goats or animals to give them company in bed, unless one of the women he stares at, finds it exciting and falls right into his arms.

Do men stare at all women?
All women. Definitely. Most women think men stare only at beautiful girls, petite girls, or girls with breasts that fill their shirts really well, but men who use ‘the stare’ don’t really give a damn. They just want attention back.They want to stare right at you, and hope you’ll stare back. Of course, you’re going to be curious at first and give him a few glances out of curiosity. But these men take these little innocent glances as a sign of triumph. They think they’re on stage two of hooking up, now that they’re past the ‘stare, watch, and wait for reciprocation’ stage, and they try giving women that creepy smile along with ‘the stare’. This is when you’d feel like throwing up all over his annoying face.

Men who stare at women know you won’t really do anything about it, so they continue staring at women wherever they are. It’s annoying, but at least now you know why men stare at women.
But do you want to know how to piss the men who stare at women off, or what men really imagine when they stare?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Make Life Happen

Have you ever woken up and thought, “This cannot be my life?” Dragging yourself to a job you hate. Working all day for what seems like mere pennies in your pocket. Ultimately living to work, working to survive.If so, I feel your pain. I recently went under construction in my own life. Long story short: Hated what I was doing.

No time to do anything I wanted or dreamed of doing. Basically, my morning mantra was please, not another day of this. So I decided to revamp everything. Changed everything about my life. Sacrificed a lot to move ahead and create a more positive, mentally healthy life.Bottom line, I wanted to make some stuff happen! What stuff? Still figuring that out. LOL

In order to create a new life, it’s a must. In fact, because my new plan of action, which you’ll learn for yourself  with time , I’ve been making things happen.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013