Wednesday, November 27, 2013

When the Skin Detests H20

 'Psycho' actress Janet Leigh is shown screaming in the famous shower scene of Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 thriller.
 Surviving a cold shower in this chilly week .Oops I have actually fallen a victim to this. Details watch out.

Oh did I mention that the shower is 5 minutes long?  Yep.  5 minutes are just enough for me in the bathroom.

Let me tell you how I get through those 5 minutes now that I'm becoming a bit of a cold shower therapy professional lol , but these 3 past days have tested my patience on the combo of this chilly weather and the cold shower

  1.  I usually get up around 5 15am.  
  2. I set the timer for 6 minutes (Why 6 minutes?  Well because it usually takes about a minute to psych myself up to get in the tab.
  3.  I get in,and start thinking about it
  4. Then.  I scream.  
  5. (*Note - for these 3 days I just stood there, like an idiot in the cold water, and then I got smart.  Time went by much faster if I were doing something, so I started washing my hands and feet in cold water)
  6.   Once my hands and feet are washed, which usually takes a good 2 minutes, then...I take a deep breath, as deep as I can; given I am having trouble catching my breath, and I turn around.
  7.   I move to my chest.  Oh My GOD! Once the chest is well saturated with the cold water. It's almost painful it's so cold.
  8.   Then I rinse and cleanse my face. Oh yes.  I do.  
  9. I take care of the business of the rest of the body, and then I start to pray a little bit.  Almost exactly the same way every day.  Almost pleading, "Please God, be it over?  Please.  God.  Be over."  And then..suddenly the timer goes off.
I am a cold shower friek but it had never been this hard like the past 3 days of my life.   BUT...I have my cold shower for 5 minutes every single day...for the past 25 years.

This last 3 days have tested my Ninja powers, but starting today I am back on my cold shower life time therapy. 

PS: I don't wanna do lukewarm showers I cherish the cold one more.