Monday, May 20, 2013

Catching Up

25, dear lord, that figure looks awfully large. I still feel like I'm 20. I don't think like I'm 20 though. If I were to go back and give my 20-something self advice it would be this:
1. It doesn't matter what you want to do in the future, or what you will do. Go learn a proper, technical skill and do something to prove you've learned it. It can be anything. Writing, programming, drawing, carpentry, being proficient in multiple languages; anything that you like doing, that's quantifiable, and that will give you a sense of purpose while you're partying and wasting time and money getting a useless university degree. Most university degrees are useless to most people because if you like what you're studying, it'll probably be useless and if it's useful, you'll probably not like it.

2. Self-awareness and discipline are very important for success. Discipline to stick to the road you've decided to go down on, and self-awareness to know when to change course.

3. Live with interesting people that share your interest and are not lazy bums. You'll be inspired all the time, and they will motivate you to succeed.

4. Do some activity as a hobby regularly. read a book,go for a salsa class,catch a swim, cook... it'll make you feel good and it'll teach you something.

5) Don't party when you have to work/study. Unless you're absolutely certain it's going to be epic. Like with people in your field of interest all having a big love in. That way you're also networking.

 ... And yeah, the only thing I regret from that period of my life is the wasted time spent doing shit I didn't want to do.Self advise and that is in the if2 world, if you didn't miss the English grammar class, then you know what I am talking about.

Thoughts of You,

The feeling is fine, the feeling is real
I need you by my side to feel whole for keeps
You ignited and rejuvenated my feelings
I thought I would never feel like this because ninjaresses like me are rare speciesl
Getting the feels like he did took me donkey's years.But, He disappears.
I have quested, all over the world,sailed and reached the four corners,
No see. Thoughts of you baby are driving me insane.

The rubbing of the  bodies , lips dong what hands do brings that lost smile back
Every moment ,It would get  more and more fulfilling with this outrageous feel so incredible to resist,
Touching every curve and every part of me,the legs would apart automatically,misbehaving and begging
I miss you P but I don't know where to find you.Cant you feel the longings of my heart
screaming out for you. Yearning and calling out for you everyday. I want you and
only you in my entirety. This feel is real and genuine in a shape of a diamond.
And the heart such a statement is driven home best.

Sweetheart come take my heart ,hold my hand ,touch my body,look me in the eye
You don't have to say a word. I read hearts through eyes. I write stories through eyes.
Hurry up my love.Sweet love, With every single thought of you my erotic senses rise.
My temps rise, you get me twisting,soaking wet,body shivers. Can't explain the disease.
The only cure to this disease,is P. I want you so bad. Lets get down and sort the situation.

Sweet love,come back, don't disappear on your love.