Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Being Good Sucks

Just bitch up the whole situation, lose both or emerge a winner. It’s a win, win or lose, lose .The statement resonated with me, too, so much so that I found myself madly rummaging through Microsoft word typing letters and words as this whole plight was still fresh and appealing not like those yellow stickers I discretely write.. Honestly, I’m not sure why I always rethink about what people share with me. It’s the biggest source of most of these blog posts. .. If being good were as easy as most cartoons make it out to be, everyone would be a saint. Truth is sometimes Being Good Sucks. Doing the right thing doesn't always feel good, is hard to pull off, can be painful, sometimes even harmful, to yourself and others. Being good requires a heroic sacrifice, keeping your word and thinking of others before yourself. It means swallowing your pride, owning up to and apologizing for your mistakes. It means doing the above without expecting a reward (even a spoken thank you refusing one if offered and most ego-crushing, accepting the punishment for being good… 

Jamie and Phoebe‘s affair began when they met in a taxi. Jamie looks at Phoebe and she looks at him ; the chemistry is there from the start. “We have always taken the same taxis; have you ever noticed me? “Jamie asks Phoebe. “By the way we stay in the same vicinity; you should come over to my place and prepare for you a meal.” I enjoy cooking. It all started on a friendship level; slow and steady. Phoebe is a well brought up girl with a church background and human principals. Jamie is an international boy, well traveled, informed, staying with a partner is not a problem, “if we like each why not stay together”. Phoebe is on the other end of the rope.-She is also a very learned girl, church-ed to the core, step by step life living. Both East and West Valued lads meet up and Jamie pours out his heart to Phoebe. I want you to move in with me baby, we make babies, live together, grow old together. The wedding will come. Do you have a problem with it? Hesitant Phoebe is scared, reflecting and wondering; now check this one. She even forgets his name for a second. She wants a wedding, but moving in with him; tarnishes her world, reputation, disappointments and Jamie seems to really be at the East of issues. He just doesn’t seem to get it that she can’t leave home because he says let’s stay together. There procedures to follow. Phoebe has been single for the last 5 years of life. She is just 31 years old, pretty at heart, face, body and soul.

The variations are endless; Sacrificing your own happiness: It can be any type of happiness, be it denying romance to protect the love interest, or where their quest to be a master is leveraged against a friend's life when the friend or idol decision comes along. Giving up your ambitions: Usually these are selfish or dark ambitions, and denying them helps the character in the long run. When a character wants revenge for the murder of a loved one in a world where if you kill him you will be just like them, their giving up murder (though not necessarily forgiving the villain) will cost them dearly.Honesty is a big source of Suck when being good. It means that any wrong doing on your part (or your friends') must be revealed. The character may find that to do what is right means going against stupid laws, becoming a wanted man, separated from loved ones, with their "reputation" ruined.On the other side of the fence, when Evil Feels Good. Often applies to a Heel-Face Turn character, or a hero who laments that they have to save somebody they hate from a burning building, or they don't get to kill their most hated enemy, because that's the "heroic" decision.
You know how it’s done in the movies.

There are many instances in real life in which being good doesn't suck that much. Scientifically, deeds perceived as good entail social recognition and approval, and bad deeds entail reprisal. Justice is one of the fundamental evolutionary imperatives that allows human society to function coherently; we may not all be saints, but we're not all lawless murderers. Unless you're a Villain with Good Publicity It's usually more profitable to abide by society's rules, and even in that case you're best off being Affably Evil.