Friday, September 23, 2016

A Letter to My Lover on His Birthday

‘It seems like just yesterday, at those stairs in my capris’. In that conference room, I had my 1st conversation with this handsome man who fired me and never wanted to work with me, because I was student.
I remember telling mom how my boss never puts me on the work weekly schedule because I am inexperienced.
Happiest Birthdate fiancĂ©.  As I sit here and think back on the past years, I can’t help but smile with a faint tear in my eyes.  We have had the most amazing journey so far.  The most grounded unpressurized friendship nurtured overtime. I can’t imagine my life without you.  You are my rock.  You are my Saul.  My strength when I am weak.  My encouragement!

You are my best friend,companion and joyMy other  half, always there for me, the one who strengthens my character and makes me a better person. I feel elevated in so many areas in my life.  You always tell me the truth even when it hurts.  You love me unconditionally.  You cherish your friendships and I love that.  You make the world a better place.

I love you more and more with every day that goes by.  I am so amazed at the wonderful man that you are. I am so blessed that God created you just for me and that we found each other.  I can’t wait to celebrate many many more birthdays together, and grow old in each other’s arms.  I love you sweetheart and I know you will  have a very wonderful day tonite.! 

Deep Love!

Enjoy your 24 September,2016.