Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Truths About This Word!!

You are judged by your appearance (in some level) no matter what.

People ARE bad in the real world. They love hate. Not everyone, but you will find one every other day.

Mental Illness is REAL.

Not everyone you call Friend is your friend.

Hard work and Perseverance is not always the key. ( Harder way is not always the right way)

Motivating people is a business now. We can even call it manipulating people.

Love makes you vulnerable and weak. It gives a special power to your Partner which can hurt you in a way you never imagined.

But, love is beautiful. It is the purest thing you will ever experience. It keeps you sane.

Money brings you happiness.

Your upbringing affects every decision you take in life.

Motivational videos are scam. You need Self realization. You have clicked on that video because you subconsciously know, you want to change/ Improve it. Start self realizing. Stop making those scammers rich.( I am not hating.)

Racism Exists.

You are beautiful. Be happy.