Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Reigning from Couplelands II

He’s met this phenomenal woman and everything seems perfect. They have sex regularly, he picks up the tab and gets her gifts regularly, she surprises him with tokens and gets him tickets to the baseball game (his favourite team is playing) the two of them take things to the next level and get engaged/married. They move in and start sharing a life together. Everything is new and exciting and they're in complete disbelief that they've married the love of their life! They start gym together and get a dog, post pictures of their amazing life on facebook.

They document every trip they take, every vacation, every date. They even update their relationship status on FB to “x & y are married” they receive hundreds of likes on pictures and tons of congratulatory comments on the change of status “ omg you two are perfect” “wow, couple goals”

Some time goes by, she gets pregnant, they start arguing about finances. He thinks that she spends too much on herself and contribute less to groceries and Bills. She thinks that he spends too much on new clothes, video games and eating out. Bills stack up, the dogs water bowl has been empty for days and one complains that they are always the one that refills it even though it's really not their dog. Laundry is never done because both parties are tired from work and one is pregnant.

Two kids later - she stops working to take care of the kids. Crayons and toys are all over the floor, the dog needs to be fed and desperately needs a walk, wet laundry has been sitting in the machine for two days, Bill's keep coming in, husband is busy at work and not at home until 8pm, he is tired when he gets home so all the pressure is on her to take care of the kids and household responsibilities.

Their sex life is practically non existant, there is just not enough hours in the day for intimacy. She pulls away from him and both parties feel neglected. They argue over everything and agree on practically nothing anymore.

Life has changed and they both wonder how they've gotten to this place of such unhappiness. Life is no longer fun, everything feels like a task, even coming home. They no longer talk, he keeps things bottled up inside and she cries in the shower. What complete strangers they've become. Responsibilities and everyday life has become too much. He starts noticing and complimenting his female co worker and they have long discussions about his problems at home over lunch. They form an emotional connection, something that hes lost with wife. He almost thinks of having an affair but he knows that it would ruin whatever is left of his marriage but “How would she find out ?”

To be continued...

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