Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Up close and Personal

Its a beautiful day!!! Don't let it get away!. The lyrics of this song make me reflect on how it really is a a wonderful life despite the issues and slaps life comes with. Even when things aren't' what I want them to be, each day is special. When surrounded by love,God,family,friends and hope. I love, enjoy and live life one day at a time. Call them Selfies and throw back shots.


  1. "Even when things aren't' what I want them to be, each day is special."

    True that Tweenie... True that... Life might throw us slaps.. No! Scratch that! More liek Life WILL throw us slaps.. But as long as alsways choose to get get back up on our feet and keep keeping on! Then it will be a good day in deed regardless... You go Tweenie..

    You know yeah Ritah... When people ask me why i just cant get enough of my Tweenie yeah.. I tell them its cause she has the mind of a goddess.. and the crowd goes.. Yyyyeaaah mehn!

    1. Tweenie.. ya af Start again oh! Where are you nah?!

  2. Am here am here broda--am here to make ririzmusings happen

  3. Love the up close and personal pics. @Riri, never a dull moment in your life :-)