Friday, July 10, 2015

The Thought of Being a Woman

The thought of being a woman is powerful, liberating, energizing and fulfilling. The thrill is not just in being a woman, but being a woman in the right century! And in this day and age, there cannot be many women, who do not revel in their sheer femininity and absolute power! As we all know, femininity and power, far from being mutually exclusive, are two sides of the same coin. I cannot believe any woman not feeling this great sense of empowerment and well-being that springs from within. The power to create, nurture and heal that is a part of her very being, endows her with unique abilities, positioning her as the center of all existence and change around her.

To me, every woman who is allowed to grow unfettered, exercising her free will, is bound to walk in beauty! What is it that a woman enjoys the most about being the fairer sex? I would say her ability to revel in her power, as much as the freedom to indulge her weakness.

She can enjoy her many moods and feminine aspects without having to abide by adages or the need to be strong all the time. A woman’s intuitive understanding of life and relationships, and her role as the great bonding factor in a family are unique strengths that she does not share with the opposite sex. The depths of passion in her eyes, the wealth of caring in her heart, the power of resilience, of survival are all qualities a woman enjoys, growing more beautiful and understanding with the years. 

 I revel in the sensuous, intoxicating power of being a woman!” Deepika Sahu wouldn’t trade her world as a woman for anything else — a world “so very full of colours, variety, ability/desire to give without calculating, love, sensuality, tenderness, sensitivity… and of course gorgeous men who make me feel like a queen!” 

.” Marilyn Monroe said, “I don’t mind living in a man’s world as long as I can be a woman in it.” A naughty friend says, “Chuck all that, I love the fact that I can get the strongest man down to his knees in a puddle of desire if I set my mind to it. Why would I want to be that man!” Why indeed! And to support her, here we have it from the Father of all politicians — wily statesman 

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  1. Ooooooossheeey Turn uP! Hiya Tweenie.. oh my days.. Weeks.. Mnths.. Years and Anniversaries.. hehehe My Eyes literally froze when i saw an update and in my head we went Yyyyyaaayyyy..heheheh you are just an awesome someboRRy aswear.. I admire how you are able to churn out words of reasoning from just any and every subject matter.. You are amazing aswear..

    As a guy yeah Tweenie, i can never really understand what it feels like to be a woman ( I cant even try to understand sev).. What it means to bleed while experiencing both pain and pleasure **winks.. How to love.. how to give life to another being.. How to be the stronger sex mentally, and emotionally but then be referred to as the weaker sex just because of Physical strengths which fades in time.. wheras the world ignores the Internal strengths of a woman (sheer power and will) which last forever...But what I do know is that a Woman makes a society.. Both pleasure wise and growth wise.. A woman is the heart of any leader,.. A woman is the backbone of any family.. As in the absence of a woman in any society.. A loop hole will forever exist... I must say Tweenie that this was an awesome post.. And this i have really missed on blogger.. I mean very few like Nma and Lola churn out such wisdom like you do.. kai i miss you..

    Mmmehn Tweenie.. I understand that the schedule might be tight.. Scratch that.. I know it is Tight! But Try Tweenie.. a post a week... A wisdom a week.. A mussing a week... Please.. Ejo.. Biko..

    Oooossheeey Turn uP! My tweenie is Turning 27?! Yaaayy.. Biko where the paRRy at biko?! We gonna get drunk and parry all night... *Winks.. Thanks for the mention Bubba.. hehehe you had me blushing like a ripe Tomato.. i dedicate it to as mama lit the match that set my confusions on fire.. You Rock Tweenie, aswear you do... :)

  2. Thanks buddy!! You make shine teeth..someone's words. You understand a woman tweenie..I see why you are surrounded by so many female faces.

    Thanks once again.