Monday, September 29, 2014

I Don't Give a Sheet Attitude


I’m paraphrasing. By most accounts he said “You see, I don’t mind what happens,” but he could have easily said either, and not giving a sh*t is a concept more people can identify with— but nothing else captures this piece of wisdom quite as well like the *sheet* word

It’s contagious and spreading like wild fire.  A lot of people are catching a mean case of a stank attitude.  The “I don’t care ” ideology has become an epidemic.  Be cautious and beware of symptoms including but not limited to: “I do what I want”, ” you not talking to me”, ” who the hell are you”, “what do you want” ,”I don’t care”, with an eye roll and body twitch that follows.   These symptoms currently affect adolescents and non-inspiring ignorant adults but cases has spread to others as well. The common cure for this disease is a bitch slap or an insult.  Insulting the idiot with his or her own words make’s them realize how dumb they really are and if that don’t work then bitch slap a hoe.

When you tell people to “not mind what happens,” they’ll probably look at you funny.  But everyone understands that there are times in life when the best way to respond to an unpleasant event is to not give a sheet.Giving a sheet really just amounts to thinking about what happened. If someone was rude to you on the phone, and you think a lot about it, you are giving a sheet. If you hang up and shrug and then go for a bike ride, then you are successfully not giving a sheet.Giving a sheet does not necessarily mean you’re doing anything useful, but it makes it seem like you are. It feels like there’s some kind of justice that you’re getting closer to with every moment you give a sheet. But that’s not true, because giving a sheet, by itself, is only thinking — and thinking has little use aside from figuring out what to do.

Society is idolizing ignorance, praising hopelessness/isolation and encouraging disrespect. Most thoughts just fill up your head and distance you from the life that’s still unfolding in front of you. They’re not leading to any important decisions or insights, they’re just taking over your present moment, and possibly shortening your life span.We often believe that our thoughts are accomplishing something just because they’re emotionally charged, or because they’re “about” something we consider important, like fairness, respect, or the state of society.No. They are useful only insofar as they get you to move your body and do something useful. 

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