Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Beauty Met Awe and Birthed This Poetry

See me past poetic admiration, telling this story
She smiled down to like a blooming yellow rose
A far beauty, I could not touch, past that melancholy
My heart throbs like the Mujaguzo Drums
Thick black Jet hair, the Nubian silk could not compare
Bright shining eyes, staring, like they could illuminate the dark hearts
Alba sparkling teeth, embroidered by curvy lips, so desirable
God bless my Christian soul, she would ‘make me do harm to myself’

So as she stared down to me, simply in her graceful hold up
I loved her past her yellow pretty dress with a perfect line
As she smiled down at me, in her angelic smile
I loved her toned arms, with their velvet chocolate brown
So I did, as she held up her chest, voluptuous like spring cherries
I admit I did for father called my name, and her legs I saw
A perfect lining, like urban graffiti, waxed and inviting
The bare flash of them makes me sing nursery song

For how did we reach here, past that line of her shades in her hands?
That princess fingers hold such gadgets, on such pretty yellow linen
And my poetic eye caught her simple eye in the entwinement of imagery
Call my name¬- poet, when beauty found such gadget, caught in admiration docket
Mother sang for me lullabies, Father recited for me verse but here she was
Spelling for me, mysteries of how beauty met awe and birthed this poetry

* Mujaguzo- are royal drums that are sounded during jubilation in Buganda :-

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