Friday, August 1, 2014

I Don't Know What To Name You

This has got to be one of the most comfortable posts I have put up in months, and I am like yoh! The previous posts have been really hectic with too much energy investment. You know those ‘kinda’ of posts that tire the brain. I am in my room, comfortably sitting on my bed, legs apart, with this jammy jam; seriously I can’t even make out the words playing in the Background, and me teething .Internal Smiles all the way because this is happening so naturally. It’s on days like this that I just say GOD bless Ishmael for choosing to beget Islam… In fact GOD bless Mohammed too for this Holiday. I just ‘be’ happy here working on this effortlessly. With Joy in my belly, and butterflies in my mind and then from the utmost bottom of my heart I say: Thank GOD its Monday bebe. You needed to see the smile I wore as I put my alarm on Dismiss and
cozily went back to bed earlier on.

Disparaging thoughts in my head over this passion thing.It does seem passion generates income for some, but not for others. Therefore, ditching a steady job — under the assumption that your passion cannot fail you in the income department — is not exactly a bulletproof idea. But how do you know if your passion is the kind that would make you rich if you ran with it?
When it comes to making money, it seems to me that the starving artists and the turkey-feather craft peddlers are missing a crucial law of profiteering

Passion has never paid bills, not for anyone.

People part with money when they find something that is directly valuable to them, that is to say they pay for what they believe improves their lives. Money doesn’t come in exchange for passion; it comes in exchange for what other people value. That’s the key:

Who says I value what you are passionate about? Passion is a rather private and internal thing; it’s more of an interaction between your emotions and your actions. Your customers can only guess at why your product is so awesome (or so awful) and they probably aren’t particularly concerned with how it makes you feel inside.But if your passion does not help you produce something that people will pay for, it cannot be expected to make you money. If your passion is to build and sell houses, you’ll come to your work with an excited and innovative attitude, which can only improve your chances to please clients and master your trade. It’s not hard to imagine that outlook leading quite organically to increased profits.If your passion is to balance chairs on your chin, no matter how good you are at it you may have difficulty paying your bills, simply because people generally don’t tend to spend a lot of money to see people balance furniture on their chin. This, in turn, is because watching a chair-balancer doesn’t improve people’s lives in a significant or lasting way.

The correlation between passion and income, then, is only circumstantial, not absolute.


  1. heheheheh Bubba, i am smiling at you from far away Nigeria oh! Trust you understand why.. **Winks..

    Mehn Baby mi, truly a Career is one thing, and a Passion is another. Many are opportuned to find out both of theirs, but it is but a few who actually align both of theirs, and make a living out of it.

    Nice Post Ritah of life, it made me search within me. But Oh well thats how Good a writer you are Bubba, all your posts inspire me from within. Cheers. :)