Wednesday, November 27, 2013

When the Skin Detests H20

 'Psycho' actress Janet Leigh is shown screaming in the famous shower scene of Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 thriller.
 Surviving a cold shower in this chilly week .Oops I have actually fallen a victim to this. Details watch out.

Oh did I mention that the shower is 5 minutes long?  Yep.  5 minutes are just enough for me in the bathroom.

Let me tell you how I get through those 5 minutes now that I'm becoming a bit of a cold shower therapy professional lol , but these 3 past days have tested my patience on the combo of this chilly weather and the cold shower

  1.  I usually get up around 5 15am.  
  2. I set the timer for 6 minutes (Why 6 minutes?  Well because it usually takes about a minute to psych myself up to get in the tab.
  3.  I get in,and start thinking about it
  4. Then.  I scream.  
  5. (*Note - for these 3 days I just stood there, like an idiot in the cold water, and then I got smart.  Time went by much faster if I were doing something, so I started washing my hands and feet in cold water)
  6.   Once my hands and feet are washed, which usually takes a good 2 minutes, then...I take a deep breath, as deep as I can; given I am having trouble catching my breath, and I turn around.
  7.   I move to my chest.  Oh My GOD! Once the chest is well saturated with the cold water. It's almost painful it's so cold.
  8.   Then I rinse and cleanse my face. Oh yes.  I do.  
  9. I take care of the business of the rest of the body, and then I start to pray a little bit.  Almost exactly the same way every day.  Almost pleading, "Please God, be it over?  Please.  God.  Be over."  And then..suddenly the timer goes off.
I am a cold shower friek but it had never been this hard like the past 3 days of my life.   BUT...I have my cold shower for 5 minutes every single day...for the past 25 years.

This last 3 days have tested my Ninja powers, but starting today I am back on my cold shower life time therapy. 

PS: I don't wanna do lukewarm showers I cherish the cold one more.



  1. I also do cold showers but just like you, these past 2 days have not been easy for me either. However clever as i am i got a trick maybe you could try it out as well when the weather becomes chilly again. i simply walk to the bathroom wrapped in my Blanket so the coldness doesn't get to my skin. Stand right under the shower and count to 3 with a mili second interval in between each digit, and while counting one hand is on the tap and the other on the blanket. Once i reach 3 i quickly throw away the blanket at the same time as i turn the water on and bwaalaaaa!!!! i'm awake!!! ready for my cold shower..

    Try it.

  2. Bwahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa when you think you are in a desolate land of barely any showers in the previous 3 days you realize that some peeps --in your own land have gotten their own tricks...Suzanna.

  3. now in the land of no showers, thats even the best. because those lands have the bathrooms outside the house so like it or not even getting the courage to walk to that bathroom is God sent.

    However luckily the same areas are blessed with a lot of land. now this is where morning madness kicks in.
    You prepare your water in a basin, or calabash, or kalayi depending on what is available there. soap if you use any, towel if you own one. and then make a race round the bathroom like a mad man or woman who has just heard that their Goat is now giving birth to 4 kids and hence your about to become 4 kids richer.
    2 mins race is already too good for you to feel the goodness cold water despite the cold weather....Trust me that's the easiest.

  4. Silly girl...but when you make your mind travel to the desolate world..its like living in the moment of no showers.But when reality dawns on you...truth is..we are living in the land of showers,lakes,bathrooms,heaters,basins,tabs,etcs..
    Suzanna.....on these Kampala soils where in the world can you race 4 times before you are sued for trespassing

  5. Cold shower? 5 minutes? Not for me. I marinate in hot, steamy water for at least 20 minuter before I am done. I find it so relaxing in there :) Very cute description :)