Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Love Your Body, Even If It's Shaped Like A Brick

I'm definitely rocking the PEAR,. I guess I'm lucky that the weight I've added in the past 5 years has proportioned itself pretty well all over. I feel so much better about the ice cream I just ate now too, Mocha Almond, yummmmmm!

But don't go crying because you're a BRICK when you'd rather be a Vase... Today is the talk you have to look in the mirror and smile. Because today is THE LOVE YOUR BODY TALK The Embrace and love your body including having ice cream, doing some yoga, listening to positive music and having safe sex.

For all the ladies out there.

 women's shape bell
 women's shape apple
 women's shape cello
 women's shape hourglass
 women's shape column
 women's shape pear
 women's shape brick
 women's shape vase
 women's shape goblet
 women's shape skittle

women's shape lollipop
women's shape bell
women's shape cornet


  1. Such clever categories! Great information. Built like a brick sounds so funny :) Gorgeous comes in every shape and size for sure. Would love to embrace your body in a big hug sweetie :)

  2. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.....every body shape is amazing. If you are to look up the world's idles and the kind of body types they hold you can be shocked yet they pull off all the clothes they wear. So Embrace you Brick body type.

  3. very informative post.