Friday, October 4, 2013

Money Vs Sex

I am going to focus a piece I found very  interesting courtesy of CNN about money and sex . This article raises the question “What makes you happier sex or money?”.

In a Prince & Associates survey of all the multimillionaires (including Mitt Romney) in the world, 70% said wealth gave them “better sex”. The article did not specify if they were comparing the sex that they had when they were poor to sex they have now, or if they just think they have better sex than the rest of the 99%. What about most multimillionaires who are born into their extensive wealth? I find this a bit of a broad statement to be making in a survey, as it’s hard to quantify. Not surprising: The men taking this survey said “better” sex =more sex with more partners. P.S. CNN- that’s not an exclusively “rich guy” thing.
I get that having bundles of cash means you don’t have to worry about the same things that keep most of us awake at nights; freeing you to have more energy and drive for sexual romping. It has been proven that women who experience stress have a lower libido, but that still doesn’t mean you can’t crank out a great orgasm every now and then just because you are poor. It’s Maslow’s heirarchy for sure, but the article also contests that having more money for things like fancy trips, champagne, and expensive toys can increase pleasure.
money and sex
Maslow’s Heirarchy. AKA: Why you don’t feel like “doing it”.

My thoughts on Money and Sex

What made me yell out “OH COME ON!” as I was reading was the paragraph about how women who have sex with rich men experience better orgasms. According to the survey, when a man’s net worth increased so did the frequency of their female partner’s orgasms. What was the control factor for this? If a wealthy man is banging a not so wealthy girl how do we know she wasn’t lying about her orgasms? Wouldn’t she say anything to get her hands on that paper? They follow this with how infidelity exponentially increases with net worth—proving my point that the people taking the survey might already be experienced in the the art of fibbing. Still, the article asserts female orgasms might increase with wealthier partners as an evolutionary mechanism for women to find “stable” partners who will be able to care for their needs.
What I’m hearing is…much like the Lucky Charms leprechaun, my clitoris can now detect gold. I only have to tell the lucky gent my legends of the hidden temple to establish the true pauper from the prince!

The second half of the article gets much better, in my opinion, when they cite another study done at Dartmouth with 16,000 of us 99 percent-ers. Findings are in: the more sex you have, the happier you are. How happy? The equivalent of having $50,000.00 more per year. (Before or after taxes is what I wanna know…) Another thing I was surprised to learn-sex has been proven to make you better at your job. So more sex = wealth and happiness. This can lead you to become a millionaire and then you really get to enjoy the freaky! It is a self-fulfilling prophecy!
Jokes aside, I don’t think this article is without merit and I found it enjoyable and interesting. The article gives some sound advice for those couples who aren’t lucky enough to be fabulously wealthy; treat your relationships with the same care as you would treat your money. I’m happy to learn there is now scientific proof love indeed nourishes way more than money ever could. And for those of you fighting your way out of debt or working with a really tight budget-just have more sex with your spouse/partner. Aside from being the cheapest thing to do on a Saturday night, it’s now proven to make you feel richer, instantly.

What do you think about these findings on the connection between Money and Sex?


  1. Where have you been, I am so liking what I am reading

  2. Hot and debatable topic

  3. I am pretty sure wealthy people have better sex because they have more opportunities for sex. Which means they have more good sex (and bad too but those times fade in the numbers.) Money is the ultimate aphrodisiac to so many people. And the lack of it can lead to tensions in relationships that can cause sex to be less as well. Certainly a connection but, if people had their heads on right, there would not be. Great post, dear.

  4. Thanks Rick,,, you have got a sound point there..Money and Sex are seeming to be great friends lately. I need to do some reading on the other side of things. Thanks for your sweet post.

    PS. Thanks all for your comments.x

  5. This is so real Ritah and its happening. Well written. Thank you.


  6. LMAO! heheheh I enjoyed this post. Its the realest thing I have read all Week (regardless that Today is just Tuesday) lol So the more money I make, the better at sex I become... hhhmmmnnn thats quite an interesting Theory. I think I need to start MAKING SERIOUS CASH, and begin measuring my Progress :) Jokes apart though, i think its more false than real. Girls fake it all the time, plus the theory is far from genuinely proven. I like a line that you stated that a chick could probably fake it to get hands on the cash, so if they do it to broke people in Uni, why wont they do same for millionaires.

    Nice one Ritah, i am begining to enjoy reading your Blog more and more. Lets say #IamafanEroticoaBit. :)

  7. Duru--One thing I know most men measure their success in relation with loads of money, nice gadgets, when all that is in place A nice Woman/Wife with good Sex --Life hits the highest notches...