Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Make Life Happen

Have you ever woken up and thought, “This cannot be my life?” Dragging yourself to a job you hate. Working all day for what seems like mere pennies in your pocket. Ultimately living to work, working to survive.If so, I feel your pain. I recently went under construction in my own life. Long story short: Hated what I was doing.

No time to do anything I wanted or dreamed of doing. Basically, my morning mantra was please, not another day of this. So I decided to revamp everything. Changed everything about my life. Sacrificed a lot to move ahead and create a more positive, mentally healthy life.Bottom line, I wanted to make some stuff happen! What stuff? Still figuring that out. LOL

In order to create a new life, it’s a must. In fact, because my new plan of action, which you’ll learn for yourself  with time , I’ve been making things happen.


  1. So proud of you, sweetie. How brave to leave behind a miserable thing with no safe thing ahead. Wow, such courage. But I am completely sure whatever comes your way will be wonderful because, when you take big chances and follow your heart, good things happen :) And those photos are great, especially the one on the giraffe. You know I'm enjoying that exciting and amazing leg up there :)

  2. Thanks darling..for this message of hope-- I am flying like an eagle soaring above the skies and its like everything is below me.


  3. Definately love the new you and I totally support 110% Enjoy your life gal!!!

  4. Cute look! I love black and white and yellow paired together!